What's It All About

Welcome to Doula Cookbook, a support site for Expectantly Looking Forward (E.L.F.). This site will work in conjunction with E.L.F, to spread the word and educate parents on all things relating to their new child.  

We at ­Doula Cookbook strive to support E.L.F.'s mission statement, “Empowering parents to make informed choices about childbearing, breastfeeding, and parenthood.”

E.L.F. is a non-profit entity. We are currently working on sources of income, to support all that we hope to do. That is where this blog comes in. We hope to make one of these incomes a book that we are currently working on. This book will be a combination of recipes, nutritional information, and helpful hints for parents.
On this blog we will have information about the book, along with recipes and nutritional information; we will also post some fun recipes for kids. You will find links to other people’s blogs, recipes, and sites with nutritional information.

For more information, please contact us at ELF4cb@yahoo.com